Terms & Conditions:

Please note that once we register or acquire a .uk domain name through our services implies entering into a registration contract with Nominet UK. This contract encompasses terms that define their liability and govern the usage of your personal information.

Backorder Services:

We retain the right to decline any registration or acquisition requests at our discretion. Submitting a request does not guarantee successful registration or acquisition of the specified domain name.

Successful registrations of domain names will have a minimum duration of one year. Until full payment is received, the domain names will remain under our ownership and will not be transferred.

Invoices must be settled in full within a maximum period of 10 days. Failure to make payment within this timeframe may result in the deletion of the domain name, retention by us, or sale to a third party.

Manual registration:

If the domain is available, you can register it manually using your details.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. By utilizing our services, you acknowledge acceptance of both our terms and conditions and those outlined by Nominet UK.


In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the service provided, please contact us via email. We will promptly review your complaint and aim to respond within five working days. Should our response not meet your expectations, we will provide guidance on escalating the matter.


If you suspect any abuse from our systems, kindly email us with as much detail as possible (such as IP address logs, domain names, timestamps) for thorough investigation. We commit to acknowledging your report and responding within five working days.

Domain Renewal Terms and Conditions:

Renewal Period: The renewal period for Domains begins 30 days before the expiration date . Renewal within this period retains ownership of the Domain.(We will send you a reminder email)

Grace Period: After the expiration date, there is a grace period of 30 days during which the Domain can still be renewed, although additional fees may apply.

Redemption Period: Following the grace period, a redemption period of 60 days may be available at a higher cost, during which the Domain can still be recovered.

Pending Delete Grace Period: 5 days , Domain can no longer be renewed.

Terms of Service: Renewal procedures, fees, and any applicable terms are subject to Our Terms of Service. By renewing a Domain, you agree to adhere to these terms.

Auto-Renewal: We may offer an auto-renewal service for Domains. If enabled, this service automatically renews the Domain before expiration, unless disabled by the user.


- Domain name renewal: £7 per year.

- Release tag:   Free

- Nominet Transfer Services: £10+VAT

Contact Information: Ensure your contact details, especially email addresses, remain updated to receive renewal reminders and important notifications.

Contact Us: For any queries or clarifications regarding Domain renewal terms, please contact us:  info@pdnb.co.uk 

By renewing a Domain through, you acknowledge and accept these renewal terms and conditions.